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Market Analysis

What is the wine market doing today? What are the hottest trends and best bets? The Wine Market Journal is the most up-to-date and comprehensive source of fine wine auction data and analysis. With results of every solid-lot trade at every significant wine auction worldwide since 1997 including new trades posted within hours of auction close, there is no better way to stay on top of the fine and rare wine market. Regular analyses from the WMJ keep you up to date with current market dynamics. In order to offer the most comprehensive information pertaining to the market for fine wine, CellarPros has partnered with the WMJ to keep you updated each step of the way as you buy, sell and trade wines from your collection.

Acquisition Advisory

If you are new to collecting or are looking for special wines, CellarPros can help. Our affiliations with Benchmark Wine Group and our extensive network of partners allows CellarPros to source most wines at prices at or below prevailing market rates.

CellarPros can help you build your collection based on your goals and tastes. CellarPros will work with you to determine your preferences and advise you on categories that have the most potential for increased value and enjoyment. From a full starter cellar package to a rare vintage bottle, CellarPros can meet any challenge you present.

Sell Your Wine

At some point, you may wish to sell part or all of your collection. Myriad sales and consignment options are open to the potential seller, and CellarPros can quickly and easily assist you in finding a qualified buyer.

When considering the sale of their wine, many collectors think instantly of auction. There are, however, other choices, including selling directly to a top fine wine reseller or a combination of consignment and direct sale. Using our network of associates and our extensive database of up-to-the-minute values, CellarPros can connect you with reputable buyers who’ll help you realize the highest marketable value for your entire collection, or portion thereof.

Our acquisitions professionals will work with you to reach a personalized agreement that makes sense for your collection, large or small. Consignment options and extended payment terms are available for large collections, which will maximize the return on your cellar. In addition, CellarPros can handle all of the door-to-door logistics, including on-site inventory and climate-controlled transport.

Our affiliate, the Wine Market Journal, will assist with current retail prices and auction prices, so you are assured of a fair and accurate quote based upon current market conditions.