Insurance — Estate Planning — Sale — CellarPros knows the value

CellarPros will provide you with an appraisal based on the specific needs of your wine cellar. You may require a current replacement value for insurance purposes, an estate value for immediate liquidation, or you may be interested in selling your collection and wish to review the current market value. Whatever your unique requirements, we can help.

A professional from our network is available to work with you to carefully discuss your goals and provide you with the proper valuation report. We utilize a proprietary appraisal system, which includes wine auction data from The Wine Market Journal to offer the most accurate and up-to-date value for your wine collection. We can advise you on current market conditions along with price trends to keep you informed with such a dynamic market.

If a full inventory of your cellar is required, we can arrange to have a fine wine professional visit your cellar personally to inspect and record each bottle in your collection. We will offer a detailed line-by-line report including bottle conditions to ensure you have the most accurate information pertaining to your collection.

To learn more on how we can help value your wine collection contact us today!